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Over the past 25 years, iSupply has grown and evolved into the Creative Media company is today. We provide a broad range of services from digital and offset printing, graphic design, large scale and outdoor signage, car and van decals/wraps. In recent years, we have branched into digital services, including web design, digital display content, video and audio production, photography services, and brand consultation and development. No matter what size your job or business, we have the facilities to fulfill your needs.

The company’s business model provides a beginning-to-end service; developing design ideas to all printed materials, outdoor signage and display units, all the way through to websites and social media advertising. Our unique selling point is it is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all businesses; be they new start-ups, established companies that are rebranding, or even as part of an ongoing marketing plan that requires varied services.


The iSupply we know today came from humble beginnings, opening its first shop in Sea Road in May 1993. It was opened by father and son duo, Galway natives Raymond and Louis Donnellan. They saw a need in Galway City for a print and copy facility for both businesses and the public and have worked long and hard to make it a success. They produced leaflets and posters, magazines and menus, and everything in between. From there, the business has grown and has always led the market in the West of Ireland, providing specialised services related to all areas of print and design.

Over the years, the business has significantly increased in size and staff and has moved towards an all-encompassing creative media company. 

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