Branded Merchandise.

Branded merchandise, personalised items and marketing materials are part and parcel of what we do here at iSupply. If you are looking for customised items we can print on a wide range of objects and stationary.

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Promotional Items, Branded Merchandise, Custom Gifts.

Give your customers the full experience of your brand with a well-produced suite of promotional items. Whether it’s staff uniforms or custom-printed pens and mugs we can make quality products to impress your target market. Speak to our promotions team about the bespoke options available. Branded merchandise is available in Galway and around Ireland.

Branded merchandise pens and bottles custom printed

What are the Benefits of Branded Merchandise?



Branded merchandise provides a physical connection to your brand that people can hold, use, and share.

Cost Effective                 

Promotional materials are  cost effective in the long run when executed properly and with good quality design.

Long Lasting


Branded Merchandise will last a long time and with continued use by your clients will be seen in public long after any digital marketing campaign.

Loyalty and Engagement

 Sometimes the simple things like a clients favourite pen or mug will make the difference in being seen in theright place at the right time.

Most Popular Branded Merchandise.

Branded Mugs.

Branded Mugs can be custom designed to your specifications with company logos, personalised messages and much more. Our ready-to-go, custom-made mugs are ready to go out of the box, dishwasher safe and of high quality. Get in touch today to find out more about our Branded mugs.

Custom Drinkware.

With custom drinkware such as water bottles, branded thermos, espresso cups, branded plastic cups, sports bottles, foldable bottles, tea sets or flasks among much more, you can enjoy your favourite beverage in style while promoting your business. Our merchandise store lets you create your own – they’ll arrive looking polished and ready to hand out at your next promotion with your company branding included.

What is the right product for me?

Looking to find the perfect branded merchandise for your project? Make sure to think about these: 

  • Quality matters – there is no point getting your snazzy brand logo on a cheap product, what will your clients think!
  • Practicality – is this something that you would use in real life? 
  • Customisation options – some products have more room or are more capable of taking certain brands or colours
  • Budget friendly – there are hundreds of options for all budgets, just ask our sales team.
  • Sustainable options – consider a bamboo pencil or branded recycled paper notebook that represents your brand.

Promotional Stationary.

Custom pens and stationery are available through our merchandise portal, get your branded merchandise for events, gift packs or for your clients/members. These cost-efficient marketing tools put your brand at the forefront of customers’ and business associates’ minds whenever they see your stationery. Choose from our range of ballpoint, gel, bamboo, recycled and ink pens with highly customisable options.

Corporate Gifts.

Branded personalised corporate gifts are an fantasitc marketing tool for businesses looking to drive a deeper connection with their clients, partners, and employees. Show your connections your real brand identity with high quality merchandise. By incorporating a personal touch, businesses can show genuine care, which often results in stronger customer loyalty and employee morale. A personalised corporate gift can set a company apart, fostering goodwill and leaving a lasting impression on recipients, making it a strategic and effective component of any marketing arsenal.

Sustainable Printing at iSupply.

iSupply is committed to reducing our environmental footprint,and in helping our suppliers and customers do the same. While we select the most eco-friendly materials and processes to produce our high quality products, we also support recycling after use.

iSupply sustainable printers in galway city

Our Gallery.

Branded merchandise including customised mugs, lanyards, hats, clothing keychains and more
Custom printed jumpers, jackets and clothing items
Custom branded merchandise - a lanyard for Notre Dame Univeristy
A custom printed branded microphone - we can customise anything
Custom branded merchandise - example of a branded calendar for Galway Taxies
A custom printed air freshener - Custom branded merchandise
A branded keyring - promotional products

What Our Clients Say.

Our Process.

 Our simple three step process makes it easy for you to get the most from your budget.

Icon showing stage one of our process: Client Brief
Stage one of our process: File checking
One stage of our process - Production
A custom branded coffee thermos Custom branded merchandise

Frequently Asked Questions.

Depending on what product you want to brand, there are a huge amount of possibilities. Typically, you can add full colour or mono colour images and colours to a wide range of products.

Typically the best option is to send your high quality logo or image file to our design team with instructions for what you want. Otherwise we can design the product for you from scratch.

The most effective promotional products are the ones that your client will get regular use of. Think about your market and what your typical client will enjoy and use in their day to day life. A safe bet are clothing, keychains, water bottles, mugs or a thermos with your logo.

Yes, consider using recycled paper notebooks, bamboo pencils, or non PVC products for your branded merchandise. Ask our sales team about sustainable alternatives.

Turnaround times can vary widely based on the product, quantity, and supplier. It’s important to discuss delivery times with our sales team in advance to meet your marketing schedule.

This depends on the product, for many products there will be a minimum order quantity. Ask our sales team for more information.

Branded Merchandise in Galway.

iSupply, with a strong and proven presence in the Irish market, has been a reliable source for branded merchandise, promotional materials, and marketing products since its establishment in 1996. With over two decades of experience, our company has become a trusted partner for businesses and organisations who want to enhance their brand presence and marketing efforts in Ireland.

We take pride in offering an extensive and diverse range of high-quality products designed to cater to a wide spectrum of functions and events. Whether you are organising a corporate event, participating in a trade show, or simply looking to strengthen your brand’s visibility, we have the solutions you need. Our product catalog stretches from branded pens, t-shirts, and keychains, to innovative and trendy marketing products such as eco-friendly merchandise and tech gadgets.

We are committed to ensuring that we deliver the highest quality products to you every time. We understand that the promotional materials we print for you are ambassadors of your brands commitment to quality so we are sure to meet the highest standards in the materials and customisation processes. Our team are skilled professionals who understand the significance of precision and attention to detail.

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