iSupply – ahead of the pack when it comes to equal opportunity employment

Here at iSupply we take diversity and fairness seriously. Last year, 2022, we wanted to know how we compared to the national average gender pay gap of 11.3%. We asked our accountant to run the numbers and were delighted with the findings:

At the end of 2022 we had 12 male staff, 8 female

  • Over the full year, men were paid 0.3% more than women
  • While Q1 2022 started with 4.15% higher pay for men, this was reversed in the second quarter to 3.4% in favour of women
  • The last quarter Q4 ended up all but equal with only 0.06% between the two groups.

While we will continue to strive for more diversity and equal opportunities in 2023, another major focus will be on sustainability – keep tuned for more news!