Branded Merchandise for Gaeilge Locha Riach and its benefits

Gaeilge Locha Riach was founded in 1999, with the goal of promoting the Irish language in Locha Riach Town. Gaeilge Locha Riach organizes Irish language classes, as well as Irish language events, such as the CLEAS book club, conversation circle, summer camps, youth club (Spleodar), and social nights throughout the year.
When Gaeilge Locha Riach approached iSupply to source branded items, we were happy to help. We were able to source high quality bags, A5 hardback note books & water bottles, all branded with their logo.
Giving out branded merchandise is an easy and cost-effective way of ensuring your customers interact with your brand every day. This will be very efficient in promoting brand awareness and positive brand association.
Handing out branded merchandise is only worthwhile if the products you give out will add value to your customers’ lives. For example, if you plan on only giving away business cards, you should probably reconsider. Instead, offer products that you can be sure your customers will use, like branded umbrellas, t-shirts, and flash drives. Such items are far more valuable than that embossed business card and are likely to be received more excitedly.

Whenever such customers see your brand name and logo again, they will associate it with the unique and helpful merch they received from you. This is a psychological phenomenon called positive brand association and is one of the goals of marketing in the first place.