Celebrating Young Lifesavers: A Customer Case Study 


Last week, Irish Water Safety embarked on a mission to recognise and celebrate the achievements of young lifesavers who participated in a water safety program. As a trusted partner, we were honoured to collaborate with Irish Water Safety to print full-colour A5 certificates of achievement. This customer case study highlights how our partnership helped create memorable keepsakes for these young heroes.


Empowering Lifesavers:

Irish Water Safety is renowned for its commitment to educating and promoting water safety across Ireland. Their programs instill essential life-saving skills and raise awareness about water hazards among children and young adults. To acknowledge the dedication and accomplishments of these budding lifesavers, Irish Water Safety sought to present them with beautifully designed certificates.


Capturing the Essence:

To personalise each certificate, we included room for the participant’s name,  and a brief message acknowledging their commitment to water safety. Additionally, Irish Water Safety’s logo and branding elements were incorporated to reinforce their association with this momentous achievement. The result was a visually appealing and impactful certificate that would be treasured by the young recipients for years to come.


The Printing Process:

With the design finalised, we used our state-of-the-art printing technology to bring the certificates to life. Our advanced printing capabilities ensured that every colour, detail, and gradient was accurately replicated, resulting in high-quality, professional-looking certificates. The use of premium paper stock further enhanced their visual appeal and durability, ensuring a lasting memento for the young lifesavers.



The collaboration between Irish Water Safety and iSupply toprint certificates of achievement for young lifesavers was a remarkable success. We are proud to have played a role in celebrating the accomplishments of these remarkable individuals. Through personalised design and high-quality printing, we helped create lasting mementoes that will serve as a testament to their dedication to water safety. As we continue to support organisations like Irish Water Safety, we remain committed to delivering excellence in design and print services that amplify their mission and honour their achievements.