Recycling End of Use Products

iSupply is committed to reducing our environmental footprint,and in helping our suppliers and customers do the same. While we select the most eco-friendly materials and processes to produce our high quality products, we also support recycling after use.

Here are some tips for reducing the environmental impact of our products after use:

Paper & Card: We only use paper sourced from sustainably managed forests, or made from recycled fibres. To enable recycling of your printed products, select non-coated paper stocks, and avoid lamination. Then you can feed used or surplus books, brochures, etc into a recycling waste streams of your choice.

Signs and Display products: We use polyurethane free Corriboard and PVC free banner material for most sign and display products. This is 100% recyclable and we offer a ‘Take Back’* program for used signage where you can bring back products at end of life and we will ship them to a local facility for recycling into useful garden and agricultural products.

* Note we currently can only take back polyurethane free Corriboard which we have supplied. We hope to expand the range of materials in our take back program in the future.

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