Complete Customised Showroom Fitout

“Thank you to iSupply for the excellent work carried out on our new Galway showrooms. We found them an excellent company to deal with and would highly recommend. We are delighted with the results!” – Mark Lohan

In this project, iSupply designed and implemented a range of bespoke prints and signage. The team crafted custom wall vinyls, each tailored to showcase the showroom’s aesthetic and the Mark Lohan brand. 3D lettering was integrated to add depth and personality, contributing to an immersive experience. The external signage, featuring a completely revamped shop front, has made the building much more noticeable to clients and passers-by. To illuminate the space with a touch of sophistication, iSupply introduced translucent light fixtures, adding a final layer of elegance to the overall design. Our comprehensive approach is based in our commitment to transforming spaces with precision and creativity, leaving clients, like Mark Lohan, delighted with the results.

At iSupply, we provide customised offices and customised showrooms that reflect your brand’s professionalism and creativity.

We understand the importance of meeting your needs to the highest standard, which is why we build everything in-house according to your specifications.

Here’s our process:

  1. Our team takes a detailed brief to understand your requirements for the customised showroom.
  2. We gather ideas and figure out your priorities.
  3. Once we have a clear understanding, we create a concept and cost estimate.
  4. If everything is approved, we get a final signoff before starting work.
  5. Our team custom-creates all the materials required for the customised showroom.
  6. We prepare the room and complete the installation

To learn more about signage click here.

Watch the video of the finished project here