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Eco-Friendly Printing

Eco-Friendly Printing

ISO Sustainability Certification

After months of hard work and investment in equipment and processes, iSupply have just become the first certified environmentally sustainable printer in Galway City! Following an intensive

Music for Galway festival brochure
Case Studies

Festival Announcement

iSupply is happy to announce that we are the sustainable printing and signage partner of Music for Galway (MFG). Sustainability is a core value of

Recycling for end of use products at iSupply Galway Ireland - eco friendly printers
Eco-Friendly Printing

Recycling End of Use Products

iSupply is committed to reducing our environmental footprint,and in helping our suppliers and customers do the same. While we select the most eco-friendly materials and

The benefits of using recycled paper listed
Eco-Friendly Printing

The Benefits of Using Recycled Paper

In today’s world, environmental concerns are a top priority for many businesses around Ireland, and we at iSupply recognise the need to prioritise sustainable practices.

Measuring Carbon Footprint: iSupply collaborates with University of Galway to evaluate their eco-sustainability using GreenHouse Gas Protocol (GHGP).
Eco-Friendly Printing

Our Carbon Footprint – Some Surprises!

iSupply has just completed a collaboration with researchers in University of Galway to begin measuring our ‘Carbon Footprint’. Being a supplier to our local university,